Copyright & Protection Notice

All rights of the manufacturers and performers reserved. Unauthorised public performance and copying prohibited. The recordings contained on both the MyDrive Plug & Play and on MyDrive Click & Play are specifically produced for film, television and other media may only be used where permission to re-record is obtained from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd (MCPS) or the copyright owner and appointed agents worldwide prior to any exhibition or distribution of any product. Broadcast and public performance may only be made by companies and establishments licensed by the Performing Right Society Ltd (PRS) and their appointed agents worldwide

Terms & Conditions

1. By signing up to the website or accepting a MyDrive Plug& Play you are agreeing to the following conditions of fair usage of our music and represented catalogues on our site. These terms cover both MyDrive click & Play and MyDrive Plug and Play. 2. MyDrive Click & Play reserve the right to deactivate your account should you no longer require production music or are no longer a signatory to the MCPS code of conduct.

3. The drive is the property of JW Media Music Ltd and is supplied strictly on a loan basis.

4. The client shall not delete files nor add files to the drive.

5. All drives supplied have been virus checked with the latest Symantec virus definition, on the day of supply. The libraries involved do not accept any responsibility for any IT issues which arise as a result of using MyDrive.

6. Should the client no longer require the drive for work related purposes he/she should contact JW Media Music Ltd and arrange for its return.

7. All music on MyDrive is copyright and the client acknowledges that any music usage from the drive will be reported to MCPS/PRS and the correct licence

shall be obtained.

8. JW Media Music reserve the right to charge for lost drives.

9. Updates will be made available from time to time and JW Media Music will contact the client to facilitate the exchange of drives (supplying a pre-paid envelope for the return of the old drive). *Occasionally we may contact you with information on upcoming projects or new releases (though we will never pass your contact information to any third-parties).

10. We occasionally send out marketing and promotional information by e-mail on MyDrive and its associated libraries. We would never pass your contact information onto any third-parties. If you would prefer not to receive these then please email us through the contact page and we will ensure you do not receive any of our marketing emails.