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Track Title Time Track Description Library Composer Album
Stately Promenade 01:50 Pacey, Rhythmic, Triumphant, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Ambient, New Age, Nature, Strings, Piano, Stately Home, Archive, Historical, Antique, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
The Dubber's Mate
On Safari 02:48 African, Atmospheric, Ethnic, Pacey, Rhythmic, Meditative, World, Dreamy, Flute, Ambient, New Age, Nature, Smooth, Dramatic, Desert, Safari, Natural World, Chase, Pursuit Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Club Fantastica 01:48 Aggressive, Drum 'N' Bass, Driving, Trance, Playful, Positive, Busy, Hectic, Robotic, Synthetic, Sci-Fi, Space, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Drum 'n' Bass II
Eccentricity 01:36 Ethereal, Hypnotic, Melancholy, Weird, Quirky, Lounge, Ambient, Atmospheric, Sparse, Minimal, Neutral, Odd, Suspense, Rippling, Sparkling, Jingling, Artful Production Music Poucher, Pendle (PRS)
Weird And Wonderful
Good Omen 02:13 Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Meditative, Warm, Content, Piano, Ostinato, Warm, Positive, Optimistic, Relaxed, Smooth, Soft, Mystic, Dreamy, Flowing, Minimal, Ambient, Harmonious, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Atmospherics II
The Bottom Line 02:37 Funky, Happy, Pacey, Rhythmic, Uplifting, Positive, Piano, Bass, Jazzy, Warm, Upbeat, Playful, Cheerful, Percussive, Jaunty, Jolly, Holidays, Sport, Sunny, Travel Artful Production Music Poucher, Pendle (PRS)
Reality Caught On Camera
Turbo Dance 02:20 Driving, Rhythmic, Techno, Pursuit, Hard, Mechanical, Technical, Machine, Anxious, Dramatic, Nervous, Hectic, Busy, Energy, Sport, Competition, Action, Adventure, Tense, Tension, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
The Cutting Edge Volume 1
Ooze 02:15 Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Reflective, Relaxing, Sad, Sombre, Guitar, Strings, Laidback, Warm, Smooth, Gentle, Holidays, Travel, Island, Nature, Ambient, New Age, Chilled, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Atmospherics III
Memorial 02:03 Atmospheric, Melancholy, Sad, Sombre, Memorial, Trumpet, Fanfare, Bygone, Archive, Historical, War, Victory Patriotic, Drama, Conflict, Sentimental, Reflective, Strings, Pastoral Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Atmospherics IV
Fallout 02:04 Atmospheric, Sci Fi, Scifi, Sci-Fi, Sinister, Spooky, Suspense, Futuristic, Sparse, Synthetic, Meditative, Lonely, Solemn, Space, Mystic, Minimal, Ambient, Bells, Desolate, Cautious, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Atmospherics IV
Rain Clouds 02:00 Gentle and melancholy piano and yearning strings. Atmospheric, Mystical, Mysterious, Wistful, Pensive, Drifting, Drifts, Thoughtful, Dreaming, Dreamy, Absorbed, Musing, Pondering, Gentle, Soft, Introspective, Warm, Floating, Floatation, Waft, Unhurried, Measured, Float, Reflective, Thoughtful, Gracious, Contemplation, Contemplative, Pensive, Meditative, Introspective, Musing, Melancholy, Melancholic, Float, Floatation, Floating, Detached, Poignant, Solitary, Shadow, Piano, String Section, Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Atmospherics VIII
Warm Rays 08:13 Atmospheric, Innocent, Lilting, Mystical, Light, Shining, Gentle, Pure, Clear, Bright, Graceful, Swaying, Smooth, Delicate, Tender, Elegant, Dignified, Simple, Stately, Soft, Magical, Magic, Enchanted, Mythical, Otherworldly, Bewitched, Soft, Sylvan, Wizardry, Enrapture, Draw-In, Enchant, Enchanted, Charm, Calm, Calming, Gentle, Warm, Peaceful, Thoughtful, Relaxed, Kind, Flowing, Flow, Sunrise, Daybreak,, Synth, Synthesiser, Strings, Double Bass, Cello, Violas, Violins, Marimba Vocal Synth Artful Production Music Judd, Garry, (PRS)
Dark Place 02:03 Mysterious and thoughtful piano ostinato with shimmering strings. Atmospheric, Mystical, Shimmer, Shimmery, Shimmering, Mysterious, Wistful, Pensive, Drifting, Drifts, Thoughtful, Dreaming, Absorbed, Musing, Pondering, Introspective, Otherworldly, Watery, Floating, Floatation, Measured, Suspense, Mystery, Mysterious, Secrecy, Thriller, Chills, Chill, Cold, Dark, Apprehensive, Apprehension, Waiting, Tension, Uncertainty, Watchful, Stalk, Follow, Oppressive, Shadow, Shadowy, Gloom, Gloomy, Foreboding, Bad Vibes, Premonition, Distrust, Piano, String Section, Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Synth Pad, Synth Section Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Conspiracy Theory 3
Floating Chimes 09:36 Suspended progressions with chiming arpeggios. Atmospheric, Ambient, Undulate, Undulating, Undulation, Rolling, Repetitive, Rolling, Calm, Warm, Dreamy, Sunny, Crystal, Halcyon, Light, Shining, Luminous, Shiny, Bright, Light, Glowing, Lustrous, Radiant, Shimmering, Gentle, Thoughtful, Calming, Daydreaming, Astral, Otherworldly, Mystical, Soothing, Relaxing, Relaxed, Serene, Serenity, Floating, Floatation, Seascape, Water, Watery, Horizon, Synth Bass, Synthesiser, Synth Pads, Chimes Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Perception 2
Neon Lights 02:10 Hypnotic and driving electro outing. Pop, Breakbeat, Cool, Hypnotic, Upbeat, Feel Good, Lifestyle, Leisure, Driving, Bright, Drums, Bass, Piano, Synth, Bongo, Shaker Artful Production Music Atkinson, Jonathan (PRS)
Groove Cafe 12
Do Do Do 02:13 Medium paced rhythms with clubby synth and stabs. Cool, Stylish, Contemporary, Vibe, Vogue, Drums, Bass, Synth Artful Production Music Atkinson, Jonathan (PRS)
Groove Cafe 13
Skip Along 02:03 Bright and bouncy flute and bassoon with ukulele and strings. Happy, Bouncy, Cheerful, Lighthearted, Bright, Buoyant, Cheery, Chirpy, Good-Natured, Jaunty, Joyful, Lively Optimistic, Glad, Sunny, Lively, Upbeat, Optimistic, Positive, Hopeful, On Top Of The World, Simple,, Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet, Strings, Ukelele, Guitar, Glockenspiel Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Happy Harry Free
Happy Happy Days 01:48 Bright, Cheerful, Busy, Running, Spirited, Lively, Fresh Effervescent, Full Of Life, Animated, Zippy, Perky, Happy, Upbeat, Energetic, Musical, Musicals, Optimistic, Optimism, Warm, Enthusiasm, Enthusiastic, Retro, 1950S, 1960S, Passion, Fervour, Artful Production Music Judd, Garry (PRS)
Mr Mischief 02:27 Squelchy clown-like synth with marimba solo and winds. Toybox, Comical, Slapstick, Clown Like, Clowns, Circus, Playful, Whimsical, Daft, Absurd, Farce, Comedic, Humorous, Funny, Drop, Vaudeville, Frolic, Frolicsome, Good-Natured, Lighthearted, Lively, Sprightly, Synthesiser, Xylophone, Marimba, Cymbal, Flute, Clarinet Artful Production Music Norman, Matt (PRS)
Toybox 2
Skittish Waltz 01:23 Quickly shifting and singleminded dance. Vintage, Solo Piano, Piano, Emotive, Emotion, Classical, Atmospheric, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Cool, Stylish, Vibe, Vogue, Chase, Pursuit, Cheeky, Mischievous, Dance, Waltz, Adventure, Big, Expansive, Dissonant, Hesitant, Wayward, Elusive Artful Production Music Piatti, Osvaldo Ernesto (PRS)
Vintage Piano