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Track Title Time Track Description Library Composer Album
Sea Legs 02:34 Playful and flirty, featuring choppy vocal samples and world elements to create a charming mood. Playful, Dreamy, Punchy, Sexy, Hip, Ethereal, Carefree, Rhythmic, Pulsing, Chic, Party, Sensual, Beat-driven, Atmospheric, Flirty, Modern, Chill, Determined, Seductive, Fun,Beach, Dancing, Desire, Travel, Glamour, Celebration, Vacation, Sunshine, Caribbean, Island Black Label Music Briasco, Hayley (BMI)
Beachy Keen
Dance Stars 02:07 Happy, Carefree, Upbeat, Anthemic, Dubstep, Pop, Euro, Filtered, Synth, Piano, Drums, Dance, Jumpy, Glowstick, Club, Holiday, Feel Good, Summer, Drink, Catchy, Booze, Festival, Electronic, Energetic, Rave, Big, Teenage, Kavos, Malia, 18 To 30s, Sun, Sex, Breakdown, Joyful, Uplifting, Triumph, First, Winning, Youth, Ibiza, Keep Fit, Gym JW Media Music Delta, Nick (PRS) ; Matrix, Rot (PRS)
EDM Dubstep
Full Moon Party 02:13 Cheeky, Happy, Smile, Blue Skies, Summer, Sun, Drink, Booze, Synths, Drums, Alcohol, Beach, Sea, Big Synths, Break Down, Club, Rave, Strip, Teenagers, Carefree, Sex, Slap Bass, Aliens, Friday Night, Saturday, Hands In The Air, Florescent Paint, Glow Sticks, Kavos, Malia, 18 To 30s, Holiday, Lads, Girls, Anthemic, Sports, Promo, Champion, Winner, First, Dubstep, Pop, Commercial, Release, Pills, Festivals, Funky, Elastic Bass, Driving, Weekend JW Media Music Delta, Nick (PRS) ; Matrix, Rot (PRS)
EDM Dubstep
Flame Burning 03:05 Bouncy and rhythmic, featuring samples and beats to create a celebratory mood. Chic, Flowing, Gentle, Dreamy, Floating, Beat-driven, Hypnotic, Trippy,High-End, Technology, 1990s, Hopes, Futuristic, After Hours, Drones, Luxury, Party, Fashion Black Label Music Shaffer, Joshua David (ASCAP)
Running 03:20 Bouncy and proud, featuring driving synthesizer and synth drums that create a feel-good, energetic mood. Energetic, Enthusiastic, Positive, Driving, Proud, Upbeat, Fist-pumping, Bright, Feel-good, Euphoric, Groovy, Warm, Feel-Good, Bouncy,Good Times, Teen, Sophistication, Party, Glamour, Pop Culture, Fashion Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
Hang Up - Instrumental 03:49 Boomy and bold, featuring heavy bass, synthesizer and synth drums that create an aggressive, confident mood. Bouncy, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Positive, Driving, Optimistic, Upbeat, Bright, Feel-good, Pulsing, Warm, Feel-Good,Teen, 1980s, Youth, Party, Glamour, Fun, Good Times, Pop Culture Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
Big Banger 02:56 Exciting, celebratory, with bright piano leads building into a euphoric, dance floor theme. Dance, Electronica, Party, Celebration, Hands In The Air, New Years Eve, Special Events, Firework Display, Exciting, Excitement, Laser Light Show, Explosive, Euphoric, Euphoria, Ecstatic, Pounding, Crowd Pleaser, Entertainment, Concert, Fun, Marvel, Surprise, Breathtaking, Adrenalin Pumping, Awesome, Spectacular, Spectacle, Driving, Exhilarating, Amazing, Sensational, Thrilling, Powerful Impact, Accelerate, Speed, Relentless, EDM, Energetic, Youth, 4th July, Illuminate, Piano, Synthesiser, Strings, Percussion, Drums, Bass. Key: C Major Beatbox Davies, Perry (PRS) ; Lowell, Freeman (PRS)
Explosions In The Sky
Fun Park 02:35 Electro-Pop with catchy bouncy pop groove and pounding beat. Fun, Dance, Lively, Upbeat, Energetic, Active, Youth Recreational, Celebratory, Party, Jubilant, Celebration, Electro, Quirky, Happy, Playful, Exhilarating, Refreshing, Exciting, Punchy, Driving, Fast, Thrill, Kids Electronic Games, Busy, Hectic, Lead Synths Drums Bass Sound Design Beatbox Lomer, Alan (PRS)
Electro Lights
Watch Out 02:59 Dynamic and uplifting Electro Deep House track with hypnotic repetitive voice samples, obsessive fat bassline, crazy synth gimmicks and sound effects mixed with Dubstep sounds, on a straight hard beat. For dancefloors and parties. Full Version. House, Dance, Electro, Club, Trance, Deep House, EDM, IDM, Rave, Dancefloor, Party, Sample, Loop, Voice FX, Rhythmic, Percussive, Festive, Happy, Positive, Euphoric, Celebration, Carefree, Motivational, Catchy, Builds, Climax, Sexy, Sensual, Orgasmic, Pumping, Driving, Punchy, Dynamic, Pulsating, Hard, Straight, Joyful, Playful, Dancing, Powerful, Determined, Energy, Intense, Dreamy, Repetitive, Obsessive, Hypnotic, Infectious, Catwalk, Urban, Fashion, Magazine, Teens, Youth, Fitness, Documentary, TV Series, Action, Cinematic, Lifestyle, Sports, Nightclub, News, Media, Advertising, Commercials, Communication, Cars, Trailers, Promos, Pennybank Tunes Bryan, Andy (SACEM)
House Club Dance
Banger Mash 03:02 Positive, Modern, Contemporary, Dance, Trance, Party, Fun, Fashion, Style, Fidget, Sophistication, Electronic, Club, Techno, House, Indie, Pop, Euphoric, Upbeat, Banger, Electro, Funky, Hard, Distorted, Thumping, HeavyContemporary Thumping Electro House Strange Fruit Brljak, Mark (APRA)
Indie Dance Anthems
Polyphonik 02:33 90s House, Claps, Dance, Beats, Driving, Bright, Travelling, Energetic, Upbeat, Party, Rave, Drugs, Stamina, Angsty, Deep, Edgy, Pounding, Warehouse, Club, Hipster, Holiday, Synth, Vocal, Cool, Youth, Fun, Tripping JW Media Music Hellier, Steven Guy (PRS) ; Wilkinson, Hugh (PRS)
90s House Revival
Mega Dance Party 03:03 A hypnotic Dance electronic track for club parties and dancefloor, anthemic, suspenseful and obsessive, with a straight fat beat, using percussive and anxious acid samples and sound effects. Full Version. Dance, Electro, House, Electronic, Club, Trance, Techno, Dancefloor, Eurodance, Hardcore, EDM, Acid, Euphoric, Dangerous, Anthemic, Frenetic, Heavy, Aggressive, Energetic, Driving, Rave, Energy, Mischievous, Suspenseful, Anxious, Disturbing, Weird, Running, Violent, Motivational, Catchy, Stomping, Punchy, Pulsating, Pulsing, Straight, Festive, Adult, Dancing, Hypnotic, Obsessive, Night, Powerful, Determined, Intense, Tense, Rhythmic, Percussive, Repetitive, Beating, Fashion, Cinematic, TV Series, Teens, Teenagers, Youth, Celebration, Party, Extreme Sports, Communication, Advertising, Sports, Cars, Commercials, Computer, Games, Action, TV Series, Hi Tech, Commercials, Trailers, Pennybank Tunes Bryan, Andy (SACEM)
Mega Dance Party
Nightcrawler 03:03 An energetic dance track with a slight tense tone. Electronic, Upbeat, Driving, Dance, Relentless, Drama, Club, Night, House, Fashion, Party, Science, Technology, Sports, Mysterious, Energetic, Edgy, Busy, Mechanical, Robotic JW Media Music Davies, John (PRS) ; Basirov, Andrei (PRS)
Beach Club
Gold Digger - Instrumental 03:15 A neo-soul track with builds to powerful drum and bass bursts and emotive brass injections. Neo-Soul, Soulful, Drum And Bass, D 'n B, Pop, Piano, Horns, Brass, Emotive, Love Song, Building, Promo JW Media Music Ammar, Nik (PRS) ; Reed, Mike (PRS)
Pop Drum & Bass
Yesterday Is Not Today - Instrumental 03:33 A soulful drum and bass track with a sense of determination. Would team perfectly with sports programming/promos. Brass, Horns, Building, Pop, D 'n b, Drum And Bass, Upbeat, Energetic, Sports, Montage, Highlights, Busy, Urban, Anthemic, Uplifting JW Media Music Ammar, Nik (PRS) ; Reed, Mike (PRS)
Pop Drum & Bass
Eleven Instrumental 03:28 A bright and emotive electronic hip hop track. Trap, Electronic, Bright, Melodic, Urban, Hip Hop, Reflective, Emotive, Vocal Samples, Youth, R&B, Reality TV JW Media Music Ammar, Nik (PRS) ; Reed, Mike (PRS)
4am - Light To Dark Trap Style Beats
This Is How We Do 03:05 Heavy and perplexing, featuring solemn brass, beats and loops and 808 bass that create a suave, daring mood. Hip, Dark, Boomy, Cool, Heavy, Ambitious, Mysterious, Bold, Confident, Determined, Edgy, Sinister,High Roller, Swagger, Party, Big Shot, Extreme Sports Black Label Music Briasco, Hayley (BMI)
It's A Trap