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Track Title Time Track Description Library Composer Album
Hills And Dales 02:35 Caring, pretty with rolling rhythm featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, banjo and rolling brush drum. Fingerpicked Acoustic Guitar, Helpful, Reflective, Thoughtful, Contemplative, Comforting, Reassuring, Fond Memories, Recollections, Kind, Friendly, Giving, Loving, Caring, Welcoming, Feel Good, Feelgood, Scenic, Hospitality, Travelling, Holidays, Vacations, Gentle, Countryside, Rural, Agricultural, Pastoral, Gratitude, Thankful, Warm, Companionship, Supportive, Encouragement, Reminisce, Nostalgic, Nostalgia, Contentment, Leisurely, Relaxed, Sympathy, Understanding, Folky, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Bass, Electric Piano, Banjo. Key: C Beatbox Fix, Michael (APRA)
Country Comfort
Riddles And Rhymes 01:37 Light and optimistic with indie folk elements, featuring radiant acoustic guitar and ukulele that create a satisfied, honored mood. Enthusiastic, Happy, Proud, Optimistic, Feel-Good, Heartwarming, Breezy, Bright, Light Earthy, Sunshine, Good Times, Organic, Summer, Family , Acoustic, Catchy, Quirky, Curious, Vintage, Upbeat, Building, Making, Construction, House, Homes, Garden, Cakes, Painting, Diy, Drawing, Cooking, Daytime, Baking, Arts, Craft, Hobbies, Camping, Knitting, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele Brilliant Music Cuddeford, Paul (PRS) ; Edwards, Simon (PRS)
Creative Folk
Free Running 03:34 An urban house track with a strong, mechanical percussive drive. Electronic, Urban, Sports Brand, Percussive, Determined, Busy, Edgy, Dark, Hip Hop, Fashion, Mysterious, Driving, Streets, Ambient, Mechanical JW Media Music Davies, John (PRS)
Beach Club
Unstoppable - Instrumental 3:11 A powerful soul pop rock track with equal amounts determination and emotion Stomping, Percussive, Determined, Electric Guitar, Claps, Powerful, Emotional, Emotive, Drama Highlights, Promo, Unstoppable Inst JW Media Music Ammar, Nik (PRS) ; Reed; Mike (PRS)
Wildbeat 02:20 Edgy and feel-good, featuring driving synthesizer and synth drums that create an empowering, vibrant mood. Empowering, Bold, Optimistic, Feel-good, Enthusiastic, Edgy, Heavy, Celebratory, Soaring, Energetic, Confident, Determined, Boomy, Driving, Festive, Upbeat,Big Shot, Basketball, Extreme Sports, Motion, Party, Action Sports Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
Indie Electronic
Trivialist 02:53 Driving and dreamy, featuring urging synthesizer and synth drums that create a hypnotic, calming mood. Bold, Hypnotic, Upbeat, Chic, Cool, Warm, Groovy, Determined, Energetic, Uplifting, Bouncy, Driving, Hip, Dreamy, Euphoric,Luxury, Glamour, Fashion, Sophistication, Motion, Innovation, Technology Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
I Can Take The Pain Instrumental 02:10 Boomy and reflective, heavy synthesizer, beats and electronics that create a somber, bold mood. Bright, Feel-good, Euphoric, Pulsing, Warm, Enthusiastic, Bouncy, Sexy, Seductive, Positive, Energetic, Optimistic, Upbeat,Youth, Fun, 1980s, Good Times, Teen Black Label Music Mcgee, Mark Russell (BMI)
Artist In Residence - MAKR
Common Denominator 02:02 Boomy and laidback, featuring shimmering synthesizer, pulsing beats and electronics that create a bold, feel-good mood. Hypnotic, Chic, Ethereal, Slick, Flowing, Laidback, Reflective, Groovy, Cool, Satisfied, Feel-good, Hip, Smooth, Confident, Warm, Sly, Dreamy, Meditative,After Hours, Romance, Sexy, Swagger, Seduction Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
Electronic Hip-Hop
TAPD 01:46 Driving and mellow, featuring edgy synthesizer and beats that create a laidback, chill mood. Bold, Laidback, Upbeat, Confident, Heavy, Edgy, Energetic, Chill, Driving, Determined,Motion, Party, Action Sports, Big Shot, Basketball, Extreme Sports Black Label Music Redict, Michael Coy (BMI) ; Fischer, Paul Yutaka (ASCAP)
Fresh Logic
Extraordinary Raccoon 02:13 Cyclical and cute, featuring snare drum and synthesizers to create a pleasant and playful feel. Floating, Calm, Relaxed, Whimsical, Bright, Dreamy, Breezy, Hopeful, Playful, Wonder, Happy, Blissful, Mellow, Peaceful, Animated, Quirky, Cute, Flowing, Gentle, Youthful,Panoramic, Discovery, Flight, Cartoon, Children, Whimsical, Quirky Black Label Music Hjelmberg, Casey (BMI)
Karlas Melody 02:43 Warm and lush, featuring strings and piano to create a euphoric mood. Optimistic, Tender, Hopeful, Triumphant, Confident, Curious, Intriguing, Expressive, Heartwarming, Sentimental, Awe-inspiring, Heartfelt, Joyful, Adventurous, Reflective, Longing, Inquisitive, Loving, Ambitious, Delicate, Elegant, Enchanting, Lush, Floating, Majestic, Emotional, Wonder, Epic, Blissful, Noble, Nostalgic, Grand, Breezy, Bold, Gentle, Lonely,Storytelling, Beauty, Wanting, Travel, Romance, Scenic, Longing, Missing you, Epic, Inspiration, Time, Hopes, Adventure, Heartache, Love, Emotions, Documentary Black Label Music Dietmeyer, Karla (ASCAP) ; Diercks, Olivia Ann (ASCAP)
Artist In Residence - OK Factor
Somebody 2 Love 02:16 Flowing and reflective, featuring bright strings and piano that create an emotive, contemplative mood. Reflective, Bittersweet, Flowing, Emotive, Light, Melancholy, Smooth, Tender, Bright, Dramatic, Heartwarming, Warm, Heartfelt,Beauty, Romance, Mystery, Emotions, Drama, Storytelling, Tragedy Black Label Music Brahmstedt, Kenneth J (BMI)
Dramatic Orchestral
Carpe Diem 02:00 Fresh, Optimistic, Feelgood, Positivity, Children, Morning, Woodlands, Advertisement, Adventure, Discovery, Safari, Corporate, Pizzicato, Orchestral, Bright, Piano, Violin, Percussion, Harp, Strings JW Media Music Clarke, Tim (PRS)
Dramatic Strings
No Better Place Strings Only 02:14 A steady, sweet string quartet piece. Strings, Pizzicato, Playful, Steady, Advert, Staccato, Building, Emotional, Emotive, Warm, Hopeful, Optimistic, Sweet, Nature, Beautiful, Playful, Charming, Comfort, Home, Light Percussion JW Media Music Clarke, Tim (PRS)
Playful Piano And Strings
Dirty Politics Light 01:08 Driving and hopeful, featuring bright piano, strings and percussion that create an optimistic, bright mood. Determined, Emotive, Warm, Yearning, Empowering, Positive, Longing, Sentimental, Heartfelt, Tender, Reflective, Somber, Flowing, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Soaring, Smooth, Bittersweet, Dark, Uplifting,Storytelling, Tension, Mystery, Drama, Emotions Black Label Music Ventimiglia, Jack (BMI)
Cirrus Rising 02:12 Twinkly, Xylophone, Sparkly, Orchestral, Wistful, Emotional, Drama, Melancholic, Uplifting, Survival, Story, Cosmos, Space, Chilled, Driving, Warm Embrace, Interior Design, Epic, Inspirational, Atmospheric, Magical, Child, Children, Fantasy, Star Gazing, Soft, Night Sky, Triumph, Proud, Strong, Big, Drums, Strings, Smooth JW Media Music Lewis, Tony (PRS) ; Reed, Mike (PRS)
Contemporary Orchestral
Sunshine Overhead 02:25 Piano, Arpeggios, Beautiful, Pretty, Innocent, Organic, Simple, Gentle, Soft, Sweet Dreams, Keyboard, Snow Fall, Gorgeous, Melodic, Melody, Minimal, Achievement, Flowing, River, Grand, Story, New Born, Child, Young, Careless, Free, Love, Romantic, Caring, Chords, Sleep, Tender, Calm, Peaceful, Tranquil, Pianist, Documentary, Findings, Memories, Reminisce, Closure, Life, Solo, Breath, Proud, Fulfilled, Honoured, Privileged, Classical, Lullaby, Drama, Melancholic, Wistful JW Media Music Clarke, Tim (PRS)
The Simple Piano & String Collection
Warp Speed 03:02 Atmospheric, Dark, Moody, Imposing, Extreme Sports, Action, Snowboarding, Skiing, Base Jump, Race, Speed, Highlight Reel, Adrenaline Junkies, Electronica, Sub Bass, Offbeat JW Media Music Grainger, Steve (PRS)
Adrenaline Junkies
Flash Forward 2:40 Urgent, Driving, Fast, Building, Ascending, Tense, Shimmering, Bright, Ambient, Pulsing, Dreamy, Floating, Hallucinations, Imminent, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Determined, Electronic, Synths Ravenwood Music Benjamin, Tim (PRS)
Synth Noir