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Track Title Time Track Description Library Composer Album
Plywood 01:29 Hybrid, Percussion, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Epic, Stomp, Clap, Sports, Stadium, Hip Hop, Chants, Edm, Male Vocal, Pounding, Percussive, Fun, Energetic, Positive, Cheerleader The Hit House Miller, Scott (BMI)
Warm Rays 08:13 Atmospheric, Innocent, Lilting, Mystical, Light, Shining, Gentle, Pure, Clear, Bright, Graceful, Swaying, Smooth, Delicate, Tender, Elegant, Dignified, Simple, Stately, Soft, Magical, Magic, Enchanted, Mythical, Otherworldly, Bewitched, Soft, Sylvan, Wizardry, Enrapture, Draw-In, Enchant, Enchanted, Charm, Calm, Calming, Gentle, Warm, Peaceful, Thoughtful, Relaxed, Kind, Flowing, Flow, Sunrise, Daybreak,, Synth, Synthesiser, Strings, Double Bass, Cello, Violas, Violins, Marimba Vocal Synth Artful Production Music Judd, Garry, (PRS)
Youthful Curiosity 02:11 Inquisitively Innocent Acoustic Guitar. Positive, Wonderment, Optimistic, Warm, Carefree, Innocent, Heartwarming, Drama, Tearjerker, Nature, Lifestyle, Romantic, Acoustic. Atmospheric, Laid Back, Lo-Fi, Smooth, Guitar Acoustic The Gold Leaf Music Library Harvey, Matthew (PRS)
Acoustic Guitar
Singin' In My Heart - Instrumental 3:29 A bright, feel-good pop track with soulful guitar and sweet brass melodies Soulful, Electric Guitar, Claps, Bright, Piano, Feel-Good, Empower, Emotional, Emotive, Positive, Optimistic, Brass, Powerful, Pop, Advert, Promo, Singin In My Heart JW Media Music Ammar, Nik (PRS) ; Reed; Mike (PRS)
Smooth Deal 03:08 Mellow and slick with funk elements, featuring smooth rhodes keyboard and synth bass that create a funky, ambient mood. Hip, Confident, Sly, Proud, Funky, Trippy, Ambient, Hypnotic, Cool, Groovy, Smooth Vintage, Good Times, 1970s, Swagger Groovy, Funky, Punchy, Improvise Discoball, Studio 54, Flares, Electric Guitar, Rhodes Keyboard, Synth Bass, Synthesizer Brilliant Music Phillips, Luke (PRS): Carlton, Louis (PRS)
Kaleidoscope 02:32 Inspiring and compelling, featuring synthesizer and kalimba to create a feel-good mood. Inspirational, Curious, Floating, Quirky, Blissful, Calm, Euphoric, Modern, Motivational, Atmospheric, Wonder, Hopeful, Cute, Dreamy, Gentle, Chill,Technology, Medical, Infographic, News, Dreams, Corporate, Podcast Black Label Music Briasco, Hayley (BMI)
Electronic Meds
Hobo Shoes 2:21 Light, Quirky, Fun, Comical, Childlike, Playful, Tipsy, Whimsical, Investigative, Interesting, Positive, Wistful, Wandering, Daydreaming, Contemplative, Meandering, Lazy, Sweet, Peculiar, Strange, Eccentric, Intriguing, Unusual, Silly, Strolling, Lost, Drifting, Piano, Corporate, Storytelling, Journey, Bittersweet, Yearning Brand X Production Music Gire, Tom (BMI)
Cinematic Indie Vol 1
I Want To Wake Up 02:17 Bouncy and playful, featuring piano and chunky synths to create an exciting and feel good mood. Lyrics, Sunny, Animated, Fun, Cool, Exciting, Driving, Happy, Bright, Enthusiastic, Hopeful, Pulsing, Cheerful, Bold, Upbeat, Playful, Celebratory, Warm, Bouncy, Optimistic, Euphoric, Party, Uplifting, Punchy, Powerful, Positive, Feel Good, Boomy, Modern, Hop, Joyful, Energetic,Cartoon, Children, Party, Summer, Light Tension, Making It Happen, Teen, Family, Youth, Good Times Black Label Music Erickson, Hans Erik (ASCAP)
Social Status - Upbeat Indie
Puppet Shop 02:39 Easy Going, Retro, Rock, 1960?s, Psychedelic, Trippy, Hippy, Peace, Love, Swaggering, Confident, Light-Hearted Ravenwood Music Button, Ian (PRS)
Mellotron Phase Vol 1
Party On A Satellite 02:08 Electronic, Synth, Drum Machine, Bright, Upbeat, Exciting, Melodic, Dance, Chiptune, Pop, Bitpop, Happy, Claps, Kids, Children, Fun, Feel Good, Hopeful, Positive, Optimistic, Uplifting, Funky, Promo, Commercial Ravenwood Music Winston, Emma (PRS)
Party On A Satellite - Chiptune Pop
Witches Procession No Choir 02:38 Mystical and somber intro with celesta, choral and intriguing strings lead to a dark and dramatic track, building a powerful main theme over the track. It grows to escalate in a strong and big orchestral finale. Adventure, Awe, Battle, Big, Bold, Building, Choir, Choral, Cinematic, Dark, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Emotional, Emotive, Evocative, Epic, Fantastic, Fantasy, Grandiose, Harry Potter, Heroic, Hogwarts, Intense, Magic, Magical, Mystical, Mysterious, Ominous, Orchestral, Powerful, Proud, Sentimental, Sinister, Strong, Superhero, Suspense, Tension, Trailer Music, Trailers, Triumphant, Urgent, Victorious, Voldemort, Wonder Theta Sound Music Baravaglio, Cedric (BMI)?; Raynaud, Jean-Gabriel (BMI)
Tales - A Dark Mystery
Beguiling 02:35 Downtempo Chilled Indietronica With Blissed Out Piano Grooves And Lush Chopped Female Vocal. Calming, Downtempo, Relaxing, Chilled, Slow Motion, Slo Mo, Electronica, Ethereal, Trippy, Dreamy, Dream, Floating, Balmy, Laid Back, Hippy, Psychedelic Chill Out, Spacey, Trip Hop, Ambient, Hypnotic, Gliding, Sailing, Mellow, Seductive, Alluring, Sensual, Enticing, Tempting, Mysterious, Intrigue, Intriguing, Fashion, Underwater, Beauty BPM 90 Key Dmin Beatbox Savage, Robin (PRS)
Indietronica 2
Legendary 03:10 Epic, Hybrid, Orchestral, Dramatic, Modern, Action, Thriller, Suspense, Brooding, Slow Burn, Rhythmic, Gritty, Vibey, Massive, Apocalyptic, Warfront, Desolation, Barren, Wastelands, Warzone, Battle plan, Shootout, Heist, High Tension Ninja Tracks Djeffel, Abderraouf (BMI)
A Million Stars Falling
Wildfire 02:49 Epic, Action, Swagger, Rock, Hybrid, Slow Burn, Gritty, Dramatic, Dark, Powerful, Big Drums, Percussive, Driving, Fun, Huge, Tension, Vibey, Groovy, Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Slow Motion, Battle, Fight Sequence, Strings, Pianos, Textures, Synths, Pads, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Sound Design, SFX Ninja Tracks Cohen, Kaveh (ASCAP) ; Nielsen, Michael David (ASCAP)
Found And Lost 03:14 Dramatic, Uplifting, Orchestra, Cello, Violin, Viola, Bass, Emotional, Moving, Evocative, Tender, Loving, Sincere, Choir, Rich, Lush, Warm, Velvet, Dynamic, Live Strings, Live Recording, Percussion, Drums, Cymbals, Swells, Sweeping, Vast, Wide, Soaring, Compelling, Heroic, Legendary, Epic, Thunder, Symphonic, Romance, Hero, Quest, Adventure, Kingdom, Heir, Throne, Forest, Knights, Fulfilling, Climax, Peak, Splash, Colorful, Bold, Lyrical, Melodic, Enticing, Love Story, Triumph, Inspiring, Victory, Hopeful, Happy, Joyful, Optimistic, Story, Tale, Lovely, Elegant, Powerful, Soft, Touching, Bass Drum Roll, Painful, Open, Full, Bold, Horns, Altos, Female Vocals, Return, Journey, Assured, Complex, Strong, Courageous, Hearty, Graceful, Honor, Royalty, Prophecy, Destiny, Tribulations, Fire, Passion, Growth, Gallant, Metamorphosis, Deep, Overflowing, Builds, Building, Documentary, Journey, Historical, Biopic, Discovery, Achievement, Exploration RedCola Price, Damir (BMI)
Heartland Discovery 01:33 Sparse Piano Intro, Achievement, Anticipatory, Builds, Challenge, Cinematic, Development, Emotional, Eventy, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Inspiring, Light, Melodic, Midtempo, Minimal, Orchestra, Pondering, Positive, Sports, Strings, Tender, Triumphant, Wonder X-It Music Campbell, John (ASCAP)
KEY It - Piano Intros & Setups
January In My Mind 02:23 A thoughtful indie folk rock track with stomping percussion. Reflective, Stomping, Emotive, Emotional, Drama Underscore, Country, Acoustic, Love, Relationships, Thoughtful , Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Keyboard JW Media Music Long, Raleigh Thomas Dessalines (PRS) ; Singh, Mudhar Harpal (PRS)
Waltz Of The Flowers 04:11 Traditional, Well Known, String Quartet, Smooth, Staccato, Stately, Royal Family, Posh, Ceremony, British, Heritage, Patriotic, Romantic, Loving, Caring, Old Fashioned, Strings, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Period, Theatre, Proud, Patriotic, Performance, Historical, Dramatic, Dated, Classical, Church, Flowing, Graceful, Elegant, Sophisticated, Waltz, ? Time, Cultured, Comedy, Skit, Fun, Quick, Fast, Classy, Wedding, Birds, Morning, Happy, Upbeat, Slurred, Love, Pretty, Emotional, Musical, Meaningful, String Orchestra, From ?Nutcracker Suite? JW Media Music Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilych ; Arr. Trundle, Abigail (PRS)
Popular Classics
Flower Duet 03:18 Traditional, Well Known, String Quartet, Legato, Pizzicato, Pluck, Smooth, Stately, Royal Family, Posh, Ceremony, British, Heritage, Ballet, Old Fashioned, Strings, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Theatre, Performance, Period, Historical, Dated, Classical, Church, Romantic, Advert, Ice Cream, Sexy, Emotional, Flirty, Repetitive, From ?Lakme?, String Orchestra JW Media Music Delibes, Leo ; Arr. Trundle, Abigail (PRS)
Popular Classics
Minuet 02:42 Traditional, Well Known, String Quartet, Smooth, Pizzicato, Plucked, Stately, Royal Family, Posh, Ceremony, British, Heritage, Romantic, Loving, Caring, Old Fashioned, Strings, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Period, Theatre, Performance, Historical, Dated, Classical, Church, Flowing, Graceful, Elegant, Sophisticated, Pretty, Peaceful, Slow, Adagio, Classy, Wedding, Cute, Funny, Comedy, Bride, Bridesmaid, Groom, Love, Marriage, Pretty, Emotional, From ?String Quartet in E?, String Orchestra JW Media Music Boccherini, Luigi Rodolfo ; Arr. Trundle, Abigail (PRS)
Popular Classics