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Track Title Time Track Description Library Composer Album
African Safari 01:56 Trailer, World, Africa. Starts with menacing tribal male voices and chorus featuring tribal percussion Fx building with suspenseful strings into an adventurous cinematic trailer finale. A chase in the jungle. Trailers, World, Africa, African, Male voices, Drama, SFX, Suspenseful, Pulsing, Driving, Building, Builds, Percussive, Dynamic, Tension, Percussive, Menacing, Dangerous, Mysterious, Tribal, Obsessive, Fever, Tribal, Tropical, Travel, Voyage, Action, Adventure, Chase, Safari, Warrior, Documentary, Jungle, TV series, Warriors, Battlefield, Cinematic, Movies, Film Score, Human Drama, News, Reality TV, Horror, Thriller, Investigation, Wildlife, Animas, Safari, Discovery, Promos, Advertising, Commercials, Medium Fast tempo, Full Version Pennybank Tunes Parkey, James (SACEM)
World Trailers - Africa and Middle-East